My ancient code to all things female empowerment and finding the goddess within. By sharing my personal journey through toxic relationships, re-defining my own spirituality, chasing visions and finding my voice, I hope to inspire other women to live their best life. Unapologetically, Confidently, with no f**ks given. Join me, Soulstress, and adapt these Goddess Commandments to your everyday life!”

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[RECAP] The Scriptures

EP2: "Thou shalt not fall in love with a f**kboy" 

"Thou shalt not fall in love with a f**kboy" (GCP 1:2) 

The second episode of The Goddess Code podcast, hosted by Soulstress. 

Today's scripture comes from "Ho Tactics: How To Mind-F*ck A Man into Spending, Spoiling and Sponsoring" by G.L. Lambert. He writes "play it off all you want, but this man has only to ask, and you will give it all to 'daddy' because your body is on fire. This is not love; this a loaded gun called sexual desire that most women misdiagnose as falling in love" (19). 

What is a f**kboy you ask? A boy or man, or male identifying person, in which their only attribute is good sex.

To recap: Here are the most common attributes of a f**kboy. 1) No job or at least no money to help you when in need. 2) No ambition or no career goals in mind. 3) No emotions, emotionally unavailable. [see also toxic behavior, narcissism. 4) Non-fluent in love languages. (ie; no time spent, no gifts). 5) No future or security. 

Common symptoms of f***boy interaction include: night sweats, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-respect, weight gain/loss, loss of credit, isolation from family and friends.

Important Note: f**kboys can evolve into F**kmen. Depending on their training and care system, they can also evolve into Kings. However, this is a long process that WE DO NOT HAVE to participate in. I repeat, we are NOT obligated to wait and stick it out. It is the ride-or-die thing to do, but for those choosing LIFE, I pass no judgement. Ase.

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EP1: "Thou shalt not be thy own worst enemy"  

"Thou shalt not be thy own worst enemy" GCP 1:1 

The first episode of The Goddess Code podcast, hosted by Soulstress. 

A message from you to me. Here is a recap of today's message: We possess the power and vision to be anything we want to be. So much of our lives are dictated by other people. What THEY want for us, what THEY deem as being successful, or what THEY deem as being beautiful or the perfect weight. At the end of the day however, we waste so much time thinking about what other's opinions of us might be. I promise you, they genuinely DO NOT EVEN GIVE THE F&%K that you think they do. Especially not in a global pandemic. The world is focused on more than just you, babygirl. And so for that reason, because we have MORE THAN ENOUGH time to do so, live for your self. Actualize your own dreams, passions or goals today.

Weekly exercise: To live truly on your own terms and start being the biggest support system in your own life today, you must start by identifying or confirming your passions.What would you do for free? What activity makes you forget about time and space? If all of your expenses were paid, family was safe and comfortable and you had nothing but time, what would you do? Write down these random ideas and carry it around with you for the week. What ideas or visions start to come to mind? Don't worry about finance, it will come. Just focus on your own desires and feel the beauty of being at peace within yourself. Ase. 

Today's scripture comes from "You Are A Bad-Ass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero. She writes "Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else's beliefs...We throw a wet blanket of ho-hummery over our lives when we live in fear of what others might think, instead of in celebration of who we are". (Amazon, 8.99) Great book, you don't read IT honey, IT reads you!

Now THAT message is from me to you, and a great way to preface the show. 

All merchandise and gifts with "Thou Shalt Not Be Thy Own Worst Enemy" design are available now! Be sure to subscribe, share and comment to spread the word about the show. Until next time, stay beautiful Goddesses! xoxo. 

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