EP2: "Thou shalt not fall in love with a f**kboy"

"Thou shalt not fall in love with a f**kboy" (GCP 1:2) 

The second episode of The Goddess Code podcast, hosted by Soulstress. 

Today's scripture comes from "Ho Tactics: How To Mind-F*ck A Man into Spending, Spoiling and Sponsoring" by G.L. Lambert. He writes "play it off all you want, but this man has only to ask, and you will give it all to 'daddy' because your body is on fire. This is not love; this a loaded gun called sexual desire that most women misdiagnose as falling in love" (19). 

What is a f**kboy you ask? A boy or man, or male identifying person, in which their only attribute is good sex.

To recap: Here are the most common attributes of a f**kboy. 1) No job or at least no money to help you when in need. 2) No ambition or no career goals in mind. 3) No emotions, emotionally unavailable. [see also toxic behavior, narcissism. 4) Non-fluent in love languages. (ie; no time spent, no gifts). 5) No future or security. 

Common symptoms of f***boy interaction include: night sweats, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-respect, weight gain/loss, loss of credit, isolation from family and friends.

Important Note: f**kboys can evolve into F**kmen. Depending on their training and care system, they can also evolve into Kings. However, this is a long process that WE DO NOT HAVE to participate in. I repeat, we are NOT obligated to wait and stick it out. It is the ride-or-die thing to do, but for those choosing LIFE, I pass no judgement. Ase.

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