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My First Journal! 

A mindfulness journal, adult coloring book, doodle pad, songwriting guide, and creative space all-in-one!  

Complete with writing exercises, title creation, rhyming games, and more. Features lyrics from my song "Never Again (A Letter To My Ex)". 

Author's note: I've always been a huge fanatic over inspirational notebooks, and LIVE by them to write my songs. I created this inspirational journal for everyone to actualize their inner siren-like abilities to sing their own songs. I created the term "soulstress" to describe that innate divine-feminine glow. When I'm on stage, I am SLSTRSS: the full embodied figure of my own musical dreams. When I'm home, I'm just Summer. This journal is my invitation to all women to be their best, creative, musical selves. Purchase below here!


Hard cover | 100 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | 10.9 oz

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"My Inner Soulstress" journal

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"My Inner Soulstress" journal is a lyric book, coloring book, mindfulness journal and creative space all-in-one! Perfect space to create and store her own personal songs, at home and on the go.

This journal includes: song formatting rhyming exercises adult coloring book pages doodle pad *how to create a good song title and more...

As well as sharing some of my most intimate lyrics with you! Express your inner songwriter with this inspiring guide and let your soul glow.

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