SLSTRSS [abbr. for Soulstress] is an alternative r&b and soul artist, songwriter and creative out of New York that has been featured on Singersroom, ThisIsRnB, Vibe, ThisIs50 and more! Touring the East Coast with her r&b fusion band, she has performed such venues as BB Kings, Milk River, SOBs as well as a residency at Groove in legendary NYC jazz village. SLSTRSS,  born Summer Williams, is also the host of The Goddess Code Podcast, a female self-empowerment podcast on all things melanin and divine feminine. Late 2019, Williams published a one-of-its-kind inspirational songwriting journal in 2019 entitled "My Inner Soulstress" as a guide to a woman's innermost creative soul and her personal approach to the songwriting process. 

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Inspired by George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all of the names brutalized by police in America. This is an ODE to celebrate all things Blackness and being BETTER than what any oppressive force wants us to be. Amen. Early listen and download only available here! 

The Goddess Code Podcast

my new podcast on all things female empowerment, love & relationships, business moves. and indie musicianship

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soulstress: [pronounced sol-striss] 1. A woman who speaks the words of her soul through song. 2. A songwriting siren. 3. A female seductress who creates lyrics and melody for her spell-song. 4. [SLSTRSS] My highest and most evolved creative self. ” - SLSTRSS

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"My Inner Soulstress" journal

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"My Inner Soulstress" journal is a lyric book, coloring book, mindfulness journal and creative space all-in-one! Perfect space to create and store her own personal songs, at home and on the go.

This journal includes: song formatting rhyming exercises adult coloring book pages doodle pad *how to create a good song title and more...

As well as sharing some of my most intimate lyrics with you! Express your inner songwriter with this inspiring guide and let your soul glow.

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