7 Ways to Stay Creative in Quarantine

April 23rd, 2020

Though we're all forced inside to social distance during these Corona times, my creative juices have been at an all-time high. Since we have the times to retreat, let's be productive and inventive with our time! Here are some 7 activities for you to be creative while in quarantine or social distancing.

1. Write a new song. ("My Inner Soulstress" songwriting journal, $25 available in-store www.thesoulstress.com/store)

2. Buy a blank canvas, and some new oil or water paint! Use that new canvas as artwork for your bathroom or small creative space, so use colors that blend in with the decor of your home.Most craft stores like Michael's and Joann's are still taking orders for pickup or to ship to your front door. (Amazon)

3. Start a new garden. For all of my city-folk with limited access to yards, start a windowsill garden. Just the presence of planters and new plants will change your entire space. Since we cannot be outside right now, bring the outside in! 

4. Re-decorate your space. Something as simple as changing the colors of your curtains or pillows can transform an entire space. This week I changed my sheets and curtains to include yellow and orange and my place already feels warm and happy. Etsy Marketplace is a great place to find one of a kind home-made home decor.

5. Re-purpose your space layout. Switch your bed to the other side of the room, or flip your mirror horizontal to the corner. Whole new layout, whole new apartment or home.

6. Model for your own in-home photoshoot. Create a nice backdrop or scene for your flick and play with the image editing. Sites like PicMonkey can help you edit or make a great image to post to social media, for free, right from your phone or desktop.

7. Make your own chalkboard. Choose a special wall, perhaps closet or corner, and apply adhesive chalkboard paper in your own desired size. Now you have a life-size vision board, and a fun place to draw and doodle! (Amazon, $12.95, Kassa)

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