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Time Stop (Lyric Sheet)

Intro (Spoken word) 

It's like I'm stuck in the illusion of you 

Cosmic reaction mixed with a little sex magic makes us time travel 

Makes it all stand still 

Can we love like that tonight? 

( Damn) 


I'm in…

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She Got The Code ( Lyric sheet)

She Got The Code 

She got that crown held high like it's touching ceiling         

Make a nigga act up cuz he was in his feelings                                                                      

Oooh she got the code, she got the code, she got the code, she got…

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7 Ways to Stay Creative in Quarantine

April 23rd, 2020

Though we're all forced inside to social distance during these Corona times, my creative juices have been at an all-time high. Since we have the times to retreat, let's be productive and inventive with our time! Here…

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